Website Reflection

Overall, I think I found that creating and using the website throughout the semester was a very positive experience. On a very basic level, the website is very easy to create and work with which was very nice to work with. On top of that, the website was a nice, central location to store all of our work for the course so that no matter what computer we were on, we could work on the website if we need to like if our computer stopped working or something. The only thing that I did not like much about the website is that it is kind of hard to get used to because it happened multiple times where I would forget to hit the publish button or forget to link the page to anything, and then my project just would look like it never got completed to the teacher even though I had definitely done it. The website we created also allowed us to easily put all sorts of different media into it instead of having to worry about links worrying or anything. We could just put the video directly into our website page and then visit our website ourselves to make sure that it worked as planned. The website overall was just a really good tool for facilitating the use of different media throughout the year which was a nice change of pace to my previous English classes.