Spinning Science Project



Smoking used to be common practice in the United States back in times when nobody knew about the health concerns of it. Then, when people found out it was bad, too many people were too addicted already to stop, so it just continued over time. Over time, as life expectancy rose, the consequences of smoking grew larger and larger because people were missing more and more of their later life due to smoking, so eventually, the government began to raise the prices of smoking to encourage stopping. Thus, smoking has really begun to die out as an activity in the United States. However, smoking is still abundant today and many people believe that it needs to be completely abolished from society.

This advertisement is created to get anyone who is smoking to stop and prevent anyone who is at risk to begin smoking from beginning, and it does so by attempting to scare the viewer. It uses logos with the written words on the ad to make us draw logical conclusions as to what the ad is talking about with “small packages” killing people. The ad also uses pathos to make us scared for the man in the ad and ourselves with the use of the deathly figure and the big bold “DEATH.” The ad also draws on the fact that he looks like he was copied straight out of a smoking commercial with his nice suit and unshaven beard. The man looks like he is dripping swagger, and that is how smoking ads want him to look, but this ad takes that same handsome man and shows the bad side: the ignorant, deadly side.