In my photo essay, I chose three different pictures from within my original ad and talked about them individually and how they contribute to the ad as a whole to prove the point the ad is trying to make. Without the photo essay, it would have been impossible to describe in full detail what was going on in this ad and prove my point the way I did. I found it challenging to actually compact everything I wanted to say into 600-750 words. I had a lot more to say about the ad and a few more pictures I could have gone to, but it would have been too much. I was very surprised by that because normally I suffer from never having enough to say, and I was surprised by the small discoveries that I made about the ad that made it much more complex like the reflection in the sunglasses. The images I chose had significance because I believe that they are what proved the point of the ad for me. Obviously, there are many other pictures that I could have used, but these three things really stuck out to me right as I looked at the ad. Through this project, I have a newfound respect for how much time people spend on making sure an ad has the exact amount of detail they want, and I hope that my audience takes that away from my project as well.