For our project, Cam, Ed, and I created a website to talk about our value of science: sharing. We talked about sharing by relating “The Really Big One” and a Tedtalk by Uri Alon discussing how science is about results and nobody really talks about how anyone got their results. We related these to sharing by saying that all science that is put into the public is meant for sharing, but these two pieces, in particular, we only created for sharing and used the idea of them being shared to convey certain ideas. Both pieces were not necessarily only informational like a lot of science is.

I think that my group was very successful in creating our website and doing something creative with the articles that we chose. Our website started off as a generic website for the project, but eventually we transformed it into a social media website that was created to try and get people to share science with each other and have educated conversations about good science articles online. I honestly think our website looked amazing and really captured our vision perfectly of sharing science. Through doing the project, I learned to think outside of the box and to push my comfort zone. Originally, I wanted to use a Tedtalk on climate change because the similarities between “The Really Big One” and the story of  climate change are striking, but Ed would not let me get away with that. He said that it was too obvious and easy; we had to do something more interesting. Even though I continued to push to use a Tedtalk on climate change, Ed would not budge, and I am thankful for that because he taught me to step out of my comfort zone and jump into the unknown, and I think it really turned out well.

If I could do this project again, I would really just change our presentation. When we were presenting, we did not really hit all of the main points that we made in our articles and writing throughout our website, so it ended up looking like we had not made as many points as we actually did, and it did not look like we had as clear of an argument as I thin our website actually portrayed. Maybe it was from a lack of preparing, but I think, at least for me, it was my fear of public speaking that made me forget a lot of the things that I had practiced saying the days before, but I still at least got to say a decent amount of what I meant to say.