Ignorance is Bliss

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Ignorance really does create happiness for a lot of people. For example, there could be two parents who think their child is the perfect role model, and just the best kid around. Without knowing that their kid is a drug-addict and frequently breaks the law, they are happy. If they found out about the barbaric ways of their offspring, they would be disappointed and not as happy. That same principle applies to the oblivious man in this advertisement. He is blissfully unaware of the deadly reaper on his shoulder prepared to take him at any moment because of the carcinogens he is inhaling with the cigarettes. The smile on the man’s face is clear indicator of his jubilation. It is not a scared smile. It is a smile of pure joy because he is loving his cigarette that he is unaware is slowly killing him. It is a plead to the viewer to not become as ignorant as this man and not even begin smoking.