Why Does It Kill the Cat?

Curiosity. It is a very curious thing that exists within the human mindset. As Kim Todd’s article Curiosity questions, why can’t we look away at something that may be disgusting or weird or out of the ordinary? It is because we want to know what happens next; it is part of what makes us human that we cannot simply look away when encountered with something different or out of the ordinary. I have also wondered how some people have told me about how addicted they are to some shows that they do not even like. How are you going to watch a show day in and day out and not like it? It literally made no sense to me until reading Curiosity. To me, it shed light on why all of those weird, gross medical videos exist online, or more specifically, why people continue to watch them. It is all about wanting to know what happens next and seeing something we have never seen before. Curiosity is also the reason that we know as much as we do about space and about the planet we live on. Without curiosity, we would have no information about how we live, why we live, etc.because it took a few very curious, intelligent people to begin figuring out questions like that. It is also curiosity that really kept me interested in finishing this short story. It left open so many loose ends, it drove me mad, but I really wanted to know if my questions would be answered and how the story would tie everything together. The ending made me very happy and truly satisfied me. She also left the reader with a bit of a cliff hanger at the end to continue to exploit the curiosity of the reader to really make it more interesting. The final paragraph of just the answers to all my questions was unbelievable satisfying and made the whole story worth reading and gave some very cool insight into some cool things going on around us. So in conclusion, curiosity is a very important part of our lives, and it is really a lot of the reason why we continue to live, so we can see what happens next or what happens in the end.

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