Project Nim

The movie Project Nim is a documentary about a science experiment that was meant to see if a group of scientists could get a chimpanzee named Nim to be able to communicate with people in full sentences. The argument that the film makes is that the project was a failed experiment because of the inconsistency throughout Nim’s life caused by all of the drama created by the humans surrounding Nim no matter where Nim was. The movie also showed to the viewer the real difference between humans and animals and why we are not just another animal. It shows this by telling all of the horrible things that Nim had to go through told first-hand by all of the many people who worked with Nim. They told of how they failed to control Nim, how they failed to actually teach him, how people walked out of the operation because of the way others were acting. Then, the man in charge of the whole experiment explains that the experiment was a failure because he was unable to teach the chimpanzee how to form sentences, even though, it seemed like they had huge success in the end, at least as far as I am concerned, because they were able to get a chimpanzee to easily and effectively communicate with humans. The other scientists involved also saw it as a more of a success because if they watched Nim’s decisions and communications, they were always deliberate, and meant to influence people into giving him what he wanted. They started noticing that Nim was actually very deceptive and witty when it came to down to getting what he wanted. According to the film, the Nim experiment taught us that there really is a distinct difference between humans and animals. Although the people around Nim really wanted to help him out and teach him things, Nim would still viciously attack them and be very mean to them for no given reason. Nim really proved that animals are meant to live separately from humans because they do not work in unison.

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