Hello, my name is Noah Kidder. I am a first year college student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA, which is also my hometown. In fact, I live only five minutes north of campus! My main hobby is watching and playing soccer, which I have done throughout my life since I was 2. As far as my major at school, I have no clear path, except that I am pretty sure I want to do engineering. The purpose of this site is to publicly share all of my writing that I create in my English 1101 class at Georgia Tech. As an engineering major at Georgia Tech, it is important for me to keep in touch with my literary side as well as the STEM because without English class, I would not have a way to properly communicate any findings or solutions for anything. It is also especially important for me to make the most out of my English 1101 class because I will only be taking 2 English courses at Georgia Tech, so it is important to make sure that I get everything I need out of the class.

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Project Nim

The movie Project Nim is a documentary about a science experiment that was meant to see if a group of scientists could get a chimpanzee named Nim to be able to communicate with people in full sentences. The argument that the film makes is that the project was a failed experiment because of the inconsistency … Continue reading Project Nim

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